Sensory Mystery Tour


This might be a good game for children with tactile defensiveness as well as visually impaired children during blindfold training.

Step 1: Have 3 or 4 doors in the house that contain mystery sensory surprises or activities.

Step 2: Blindfold your child and have them pick a door with a sensory surprise.

Step 3: You might lead them to a set of four doors to pick or you might have them wonder around blindfolded until they find one of the sensory doors.  For instance:

  • Door 1: a bowl of cooked pasta and they have to feel a messy texture
  • Door 2: a spoon and they have to taste a food blindfolded
  • Door 3: someone sprays them gently with a water pistol
  • Door 4: Mummy is sitting down with a cuddly toy or a blanket. They are led through the door and mummy says, “Hello have you come to give mummy a cuddle darling?”, and they have to sit on mummy’s knee and cuddle the toy mummy is holding. Alternatively, she might swaddle them
  • You may wish to set it up so that they visit each door in turn and door 4 at the end.

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