Shepherds Guiding Lambs

This game uses trust and hearing and is good for large groups divided into smaller groups such as scouts or girl guides or school camps, and is great for a hike or wide open areas or obstacle courses.

What you’ll need:
– Blindfolds (one for each little lamb) you may want to ensure you have more than necessary, as the last thing you want in the game is to run out of blindfolds, so make sure you have a very large supply. If you are on camp you might issue everyone with bandanas at the start to ensure everyone has access to a bandana for blindfold games, but remember to have spares. Or you might want to blindfold the lambs by pulling the wool over their eyes with thick wool scarves, especially on a cold winters day. Whatever you decide to use for blindfolds, just make sure your blindfolds can be thick and dark and tied securely. Another option is to ask the lambs to shut their eyes and cover them with glaze, eye patches or cotton balls before tying bandanas snug and securely, thus ensuring that peeping during the game is impossible.

– A large, open outdoor space

– If you are playing in Sunday School you may want a bible so that you can read passages about Jesus being the shepherd.

Before the activity starts tell the children that you are going to play a game where they are sheep and have to stay with their fold and follow their shepherd, which will be difficult as the lambs of the fold must have plenty of folds to their bandanas as the little lost lambs need to be blindfolded, and deprived of the ability to see, as this is a trust exercise.

Step 1: Divide the group into groups of 4-5 “lambs”. Say to the shepherds ” please collect some bandanas, for example, as you need to blindfold the lambs of your fold” Give each shepherd enough bandanas so that each “lamb” can be blind and lost. The shepherd then blindfolds the little lost lambs, ensuring they cannot see and have to rely on the shepherd, and have all the lambs crawl around in the middle until they are lost.

Step 2: The shepherds have to collect their tender little blind lambs and take them on a trust walk or blind trail. Each lamb has to stay in his group for the walk but has to do so without using his sense of sight, so the shepherd needs to help them to stay together. The little blind lambs must not get lost and stray away from the shepherd, or join another fold. The shepherd must direct them and help them to find their way. To add a challenge tell the lambs that they cannot speak to each other and to have identify each other only by saying “baa baa”.

Tip: Use blue bandanas for one group or green for another to colour code your blindfolds, this can be helpful in helping the shepherds to know which lambs are in their fold. Ensure that the lost lambs cannot tell except by hearing “baa baa” and have to be discerning who the other lambs of their fold are just by hearing “baa baa”.

If you are working on camp with older children, the shepherds can challenge their lambs to spend some time in the day doing everything blindfolded, the shepherds must care for the blind lambs of their fold. Make sure the children can opt out at any time. Or try conducting a Sunday school class as usual except that the children are blindfolded and shepherds need to assist their blind lambs throughout the class. If you do this you may want to blindfold the lambs at the door or better still have mothers bring blindfolds so they can blindfold their little lambs before sending them to Sunday school. But mothers need to keep the blindfolds a secret until the last minute for an element of surprise.

Another good trust experience on camp might be to blindfold the lambs and take them to the woods or somewhere and have them find their way back to the base, blindfolded.

Another idea could be to blindfold the lambs just before lunch time so they have to get and eat lunch in the dark trusting their shepherds. Or just before you go on your church camp the children are blindfolded before leaving the church and have to explore the campsite without being able to see once they arrive. Or suddenly stop the bus 5 minutes away and blindfold them.


Here is a picture of “wooly” a sweet little cuddly sheep. One day his Sunday school teacher wanted him to be blindfolded for a game at camp to learn about Jesus being the shepherd , at the camp he has to find his way from a field to his cabin blindfolded. Wooly’s mummy blindfolded him before leaving, just to ensure he would be all confused and lost ready when they arrive. After mummy blindfolded Wooly she placed him facing the other way to trick him.  It might be harder for wooly to find his cabin if mummy doesn’t take his blindfold off and let him see his cabin before the game. He is all blindfolded and ready for mummy to disorientate before he is ready to go to the church camp. Because wooly is blind mummy will have to pick him up and carry him to the car, she could trick him by telling him she is picking him up for cuddles and then spin around, to keep wooly confused about where he is going. Wooly has never been blindfolded before and is so excited. As you can see mummy tied his blindfold so his ears are partly covered to make it harder for wooly to hear where mummy is taking him. Mummy should wrap wooly in his cot blanket and cuddle him till he falls asleep with teddy, so when he awakes at the camp he is ready to play the game , all blind and lost not knowing where he is. Ready for his Sunday school teacher.

Mummy might need to blindfold teddy before swaddling him with wooly so that teddy can’t see and tell wooly where the camp is. Just to be extra sure Wooly is blind, mummy should swaddle them ensuring the blanket covers the eyes just to avoid peeping and hearing. When they arrive at the camp and mummy wakes Wooly he should have no idea where he is so his Sunday School teacher can give him cuddles in the dark, as she takes him to the field ensuring he is lost when he tries to find his mummy who is waiting at the cabin to give him cuddles. So mummy might let Wooly feel his cabin without letting him see it, before his teacher cuddles him and takes him away. But mummy has to keep teddy blindfolded and swaddled so he can’t see or hear Wooly and tell Wooly when he is almost home.

As they arrived at the campsite mummy picked up Wooly for a cuddle before the game. “Are you awake Wooly” mummy said unwrapping the blanket. “No Wooly, don’t take your blindfold off, only mummy is allowed to see “. “Mummy where am I?” asked Wooly. “Mummy isn’t telling that’s why mummy blindfolded you”. Wooly said he would ask teddy. Mummy said “no mummy blindfolded teddy too just to make sure”. “Mummy will carry you to our cabin and then Jane will take you away and you have to find the cabin again”. Wooly asked mummy if he could see the cabin for 5 minutes”, mummy said “no because then you might know where you are”. Wooly asked if he has been there before “Darling, mummy blindfolded you so you would not figure that out”.

Mummy put Wooly in a chair in the cabin. Jane, the Sunday School teacher came into the cabin with a bandana for blindfolding Wooly with, but mummy said “I blindfolded him already, at home before swaddling and rocking him to sleep in his blanket”. “great”. Said Jane putting her bandana away as she saw that Wooly’s blindfold was thick and dark.  “this way, he can’t tell if he has been here before, ` “.  Jane said “we do not want you to figure out where you are or if you have been here before, which is why we won’t take off your blindfold and let you see the cabin before the game”. “now Wooly” she said. “can you see or are you a good little lost lamb ready to play a game. But no peeping only blind lambs can play”. Wooly asked Jane if he can see his cabin. Jane said “no, you are not allowed to see where you are or you might know where I will take you, no peeping keep your blindfold on”, Mummy said “let’s allow him to feel the cabin to give him a chance”. “I agree” Jane said “that way he will know when he is home”. Mummy guided Wooly to feel the door and room “now feel this Wooly”, “What am I feeling?” asked Wooly, “No darling, mummy isn’t telling you what your feeling”, mummy didn’t want Wooly to know  he was at the same campsite as last year.  after 5 minutes Jane said ” time is up Wooly, no more feeling allowed’.  Jane said to mummy “time to spin him so he won’t know where he is in case he has some tactile clues”.  Mummy started spinning Wooly  saying “mummy has to keep you lost before Jane can take you”. But stopped and said to Jane “it will be more disorientating if we swaddle him and you carry him, that way be can’t feel where he is going, if he is held and cuddled in his blanket”. “good idea” Jane said as, mummy picked him up and wrapped him up, saying “come to mummy Wooly, mummy has to swaddle you so Aunty Jane can keep you lost and confused”. “come and give Aunty Jane lots of cuddles you fluffy thing, do you want to play a blindfold game before dinner, nothing scary”, Jane said picking Wooly up to cuddle him while checking his blindfold was snug and secure, hoping Wooly wouldn’t notice that she was spinning him. “Wooly, is your blindfold snug and cuddly” she asked checking the knot at the back.”Rule 1, keep your blindfold on as Aunty Jane gives you lots of  cuddles and carries you away”. Jane made sure the blanket covered Wooly’s face to ensure sunlight couldn’t creep through.

Only the Sunday School teacher is allowed to help Wooly, find his way home which is why  she will blindfold mummy.  She carried him saying look out or duck or crawl to keep him confuse and disorientated, hoping to trick Wooly into thinking he was not in the same field as he was last year.  When they reached the field she said putting him down  “now Wooly are you a good little lost  lamb, you have to find your way home to the cabin after I remove your blindfold”. But then she thought “no I’m going to make it difficult by not removing your blindfold after I remove your blanket”. Wooly asked while he was not going to have his blindfold removed”, “so you have to trust me more, hold on while I tighten your blindfold so it won’t come lose, we don’t want you seeing where mummy is and then I have to spin you around”. Jane said.    She gave him 3 big spins before letting him go and wander home blindly. Wooly asked where he was but Jane said “Mummy blindfolded you at home so you wouldn’t know that”.

As Wooly wandered blindly Jane said “Wooly, be a good little cuddly lamb and find mummy and give her  cuddles”. “Can mummy help?” Wooly asked. “No ” said his teacher “I blindfolded her”. His teacher let him wander and stumble in the dark lost saying  “Wooly can you find mummy with your blindfold on, she is waiting to swaddle you in your blanket”.  After a while Jane said “Do you need help Wooly? Follow my voice but keep your blindfold on, no peeping”. Jane led him to the cabin when mummy heard Jane say “your safe now” mummy removed her blindfold. Mummy  said to Jane “I thought you said you would remove his blindfold and let him see while he wandered around”, Jane said “I thought it was more fun not to”.
Mummy picked Wooly up removing his blindfold. “Wooly did you enjoy your game about trusting Jesus in the dark”. Wooly was tired so mummy said “are you tired darling, come to cuddle teddy in your blanket. Jane said  “I think he wants his blindfold as it is still daylight”, “do you want your blindfold darling so you can sleep?” cuddling him as his mother blindfolded him again. “come to mummy you tired lamb, do you want your blanket darling?” she said swaddling and rocking him to sleep. Jane finally said to mummy “tomorrow we are learning about the plague of darkness so please blindfold Wooly before sending him to Sunday School”.20190423_140036-1.jpg

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