Snuggle Lamb Snuggle

This game is a spin on Squeak Piggy Squeak, and is great to play with a group of mums and children.

What you’ll need:
– Blindfolds (one for each child)
– A large space to play

How to play:

Step One: All the mothers sit in a circle with a blindfolded child disorientated in the middle.

Step Two: The child crawls around trying to find their mother by feel when they think they have found their mother they need to crawl on their lap and say, “snuggle lamb snuggle”.

Step 3: The mother repeats the phase and the child must guess if he has found his or her mother.

Tip: Make it harder by handing the child pillows and or stuffed toys so they have to crawl with their hands full, but blindfold them first so they can’t use their eyes to help judge the size of the objects.

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