teddy had an accident

here is a good blindfold game for Sunday school for learning about the body of Christ.

You need:
a large open area
the biggest teddy bear or other cuddly toy you can find or you could use a big doll
a big blanket
first aid kit/strips of cloth for bandages
cloths like tea towels or scarves to serve as blindfolds, you must ensure the cloths you use are a thick dark colour and can be folded to prevent peeping under the eyes. The blindfolded players should not be able to see anything at all.

The story: a teddy bear went for a walk one night after tea and had a nasty accident on the street because all the street lights were out, his right arm and left leg needs to be bandaged. Teddy had a nasty fright, he is hurt, cold and very scared and needs lots of cuddles in a warm blanket and reassurance before being taken to hospital. The people who found him could not see because the street lights were out. Do not allow anyone who can see to describe to the blindfolded players the size of the teddy or the blanket.

the disabilities:

Eyes you can not move or talk but only you can see and don’t need a blindfold.

I am going to securely blindfold everyone else before the game starts.
Mouth: you can not move and can use your hands to communicate with the eyes and can give directions to everyone else. You have to communicate with the eyes which can not speak. You sit next to the eyes, but I will make it difficult by blindfolding you, so you can’t see and the eyes can’t talk.

mouth and feet – you are not allowed to see for this game and are going to be blindfolded. You are allowed to walk and talk but are not allowed to use your arms and hands.

feet and hands You have to have a blindfold on as you aren’t allowed to see. You can walk and use your hands but aren’t allowed to speak.

Mouth and hands. You are forbidden to see or walk, you must be carried and can’t play until I have securely blindfolded you,

the cuddler. I am going to blindfold you so you won’t be able to see what you are cuddling. You can’t talk or walk. and have to be carried. You can’t do anything with your hands except to cuddle teddy. You have to use your hands to feel how big teddy is, as no one is allowed to tell you how big he is. All blindfolded players that can use their hands can touch teddy and stroke him but only the cuddler can cuddle him.

The reason that the player that can give teddy cuddles can’t speak is so that the players have to work together and the players speaking comfort and the one cuddling teddy have to work together.

Blindfold everyone who isn’t the eyes, ensuring they can’t see.

watch as they find teddy swaddle him cuddle and comfort him and carry him to hospital
it is better if the blindfolded players don’t know where they are or where they are being taken so blindfold them in another room.
don’t let the blindfolded players see the equipment before covering their eyes. That way they have to use only their sense of touch to feel the size of the teddy and blanket. You might have a small teddy on display before blindfolding them so you can trick them.
3 blindfold everyone and remove the blindfold from the one that can see, so that the blindfolded players do not know who has what disabilities.
4 scatter obstacles around the room
5 do not read the story out but give it to the eyes only after the others have blindfolds secure.
6 the teddy is not allowed to touch the ground after being swaddled
7 do not have all the equipment together so that the blindfolded players have to search for it
8 tell the players that teddy needs to be blindfolded as well

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