Ten Cuddly Toys

What you’ll need:
– 10 cuddly toys
– Fluffy blanket
– Blindfolds (1 per person)

How to play:

Step 1: Have an ample supply of cuddly toys hidden in a box.

Step 2: spread out a blanket in the play area.

Step 3: Have between 4 to 6 players sit on the edge of the blanket.

Step 4: Pass out a cuddly toy, for instance a lamb, and give everybody 2 minutes to feel it eyes open, while this is happening start folding your blindfold cloths.

Step 5: When that is done take back the lamb and blindfold everybody.

Step 6: Put the lamb and 9 other toys in the middle of the blanket.

Step 6: Sit the first player in front of the pile to feel through all the different toys while everybody  else sings “There were ten cuddly toys on the blanket (child’s name) cuddled one and then there were nine.”

Step 7: When the singing stopped the child picks up the toy their hands are on. They feel the toy and if it is the lamb and they correctly identify it, they’ve won the game. If it isn’t the lamb and they correctly say it isn’t, there are 9 cuddly toys left. If the guess is wrong , they have to put it back and add another one for the next person to go as everybody sings “There were(how many there are) cuddly toys on the blanket (child’s name) cuddled one and then there were (one less).”

Step 7: Remove or add one toy is each right or wrong answer. The game ends when the lamb and found and correctly identified. When everybody goes go around again ensuring everybody keeps their blindfolds on. Ensure there are at least 3 toys In play at once.

Tip 1: If you choose to only blindfold the person whose turn it is, keep mixing up the pile, or at least blindfold the next player as well.

Tip 2: To make the game a bit harder, use gloves or only feet or only one hand.

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