Who is Cuddling Wooly?

Wooly Wooly, who is cuddling Wooly?

This is a tactile game that is played in an open area where blindfolded players have to identify which soft toy they are cuddling just by feel without  being  able to see it.

What you’ll need:
– Blindfolds for all the players, so ensure you have an ample supply of cloths which are suitable to serve as blindfolds. For example head scarves or tea towels, ensure that they can be folded up to be thick and dark, to ensure that the children won’t be able to see what they are feeling.
– More stuffed toys than players. One of them needs to be a stuffed sheep, which you will call Wooly. You need to ensure that the stuffed animals do not have electronics noise makers inside them, as they aren’t as soft and cuddly, and also so that they cannot be heard so that the children have to rely of the sense of touch alone to cuddle Wooly. So before the game starts, give Wooly a cuddle to make sure that he is nice and soft.

Step 1: Everybody starts in a circle at circle time and you present them with a stuffed sheep. Say to the children, “I brought along a stuffed sheep to cuddle at circle time today. His name is wooly, because his wool feels so soft.”.

Step 2: Pass Wooly around and ask the children if they want to give Wooly a cuddle. While you are doing that say ,”Wooly is soft and cuddly isn’t he children?”

Step 3: Tell the children to pay close attention as they have only one go to feel Wooly with their eyes open before they play a game where you have to cuddle Wooly, but no one is allowed to see Wooly. While this is happening you may want to get the blindfold cloths out and place them in the circle.

Step 4: Now take Wooly back and say, “I am going to pass Wooly around the second time but you need to cuddle him without looking so that you know what he feels like, for when we play a game where you have to find him and give him cuddles with blindfolds on.” Show the children the blindfolds.

Step 5: Pass Wooly around a second time saying, “Now keep your eyes closed and cuddle him without looking at his fluffy wool, so that you know what to feel for in the game.” If the children have trouble keeping their eyes closed, you may need to use your blindfolds. So you might say, “No peeking, I can blindfold you if you find that easier”. Or you can just go ahead and blindfold them. You may need to guide the children’s hands to stroke Wooly, if they are having trouble when they can’t see. As you guide them say “Now feel Wooly’s soft wool, isn’t it soft and fluffy.”

Step 6: Hide Wooly, and prepare the blindfolds if you have not already done so and say, “We are going to play a game where every body will have a blindfold on.” Now blindfold everyone and when you have ensured that only you can see, disorientate and separate them ensuring they do not know where they or anyone else is, and scatter the other cuddly toys, which you have kept hidden, around the room and place wooly somewhee.

Step 7: Everybody has to crawl around feeling for a stuffed animal. The children can feel the stuffed animals without picking them up, but as soon as they pick one up they have to keep it for the round.

Step 8: When everybody has a stuffed animal, sing ”Wooly Wooly, who is cuddling Wooly?”. The blindfolded children put their hands up if they think they are cuddling Wooly. If they think they have Wooly but are incorrect they are out, so is a player who is cuddling Wooly but doesn’t know it.

The prize at the end might be that the blindfolded child crawling around keeps Wooly if they find him, and pick him out from the other cuddly toys without peeping through their blindfold. You may decide to give everyone else another cuddly toy as well.

A variation might be that instead of having children crawl around, they can sit blindfolded in a circle while you give every one a stuffed animal and ask “who is cuddling “Wooly”.



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