Shepherds Guiding Lambs

This game uses trust and hearing and is good for large groups divided into smaller groups such as scouts or girl guides or school camps, and is great for a hike or wide open areas or obstacle courses.

What you’ll need:
– Blindfolds (one for each little lamb) you may want to ensure you have more than necessary, as the last thing you want in the game is to run out of blindfolds, so make sure you have a very large supply. If you are on camp you might issue everyone with bandanas at the start to ensure everyone has access to a bandana for blindfold games, but remember to have spares. Or you might want to blindfold the lambs by pulling the wool over their eyes with thick wool scarves, especially on a cold winters day. Whatever you decide to use for blindfolds, just make sure your blindfolds can be thick and dark and tied securely. Another option is to ask the lambs to shut their eyes and cover them with glaze, eye patches or cotton balls before tying bandanas snug and securely, thus ensuring that peeping during the game is impossible.

– A large, open outdoor space

– If you are playing in Sunday School you may want a bible so that you can read passages about Jesus being the shepherd.

Before the activity starts tell the children that you are going to play a game where they are sheep and have to stay with their fold and follow their shepherd, which will be difficult as the lambs of the fold must have plenty of folds to their bandanas as the little lost lambs need to be blindfolded, and deprived of the ability to see, as this is a trust exercise.

Step 1: Divide the group into groups of 4-5 “lambs”. Say to the shepherds ” please collect some bandanas, for example, as you need to blindfold the lambs of your fold” Give each shepherd enough bandanas so that each “lamb” can be blind and lost. The shepherd then blindfolds the little lost lambs, ensuring they cannot see and have to rely on the shepherd, and have all the lambs crawl around in the middle until they are lost.

Step 2: The shepherds have to collect their tender little blind lambs and take them on a trust walk or blind trail. Each lamb has to stay in his group for the walk but has to do so without using his sense of sight, so the shepherd needs to help them to stay together. The little blind lambs must not get lost and stray away from the shepherd, or join another fold. The shepherd must direct them and help them to find their way. To add a challenge tell the lambs that they cannot speak to each other and to have identify each other only by saying “baa baa”.

Tip: Use blue bandanas for one group or green for another to colour code your blindfolds, this can be helpful in helping the shepherds to know which lambs are in their fold. Ensure that the lost lambs cannot tell except by hearing “baa baa” and have to be discerning who the other lambs of their fold are just by hearing “baa baa”.

If you are working on camp with older children, the shepherds can challenge their lambs to spend some time in the day doing everything blindfolded, the shepherds must care for the blind lambs of their fold. Make sure the children can opt out at any time. Or try conducting a Sunday school class as usual except that the children are blindfolded and shepherds need to assist their blind lambs throughout the class. If you do this you may want to blindfold the lambs at the door or better still have mothers bring blindfolds so they can blindfold their little lambs before sending them to Sunday school. But mothers need to keep the blindfolds a secret until the last minute for an element of surprise.

Another good trust experience on camp might be to blindfold the lambs and take them to the woods or somewhere and have them find their way back to the base, blindfolded.

Another idea could be to blindfold the lambs just before lunch time so they have to get and eat lunch in the dark trusting their shepherds. Or just before you go on your church camp the children are blindfolded before leaving the church and have to explore the campsite without being able to see once they arrive. Or suddenly stop the bus 5 minutes away and blindfold them.


Here is a picture of “wooly” a little sheep. One day his Sunday school teacher wanted him to be blindfolded, so mummy blindfolded him so he would be all blind and lost ready to go to the church camp.20190423_140036-1.jpg

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