who’s cuddly toy am I cuddling

This game should be played at a party so no one sees the soft toys except for theirs. As soon as guests arrive take their soft toy. Set up the box in the room with all the soft toys from all the players, and ensure you gather enough cloths so that everybody can be blindfolded. You may also need a blanket to cover the box with.

Step 1: Have all the children sit around the box in a circle. Have the box covered by the blanket in the middle.

Step 2: Choose one child to be it, “it” sits nears the box and needs to be blindfolded.

Step 3: When his blindfold is secure, take a soft toy from the box and place it in the circle, ensuring it does not know where, as he is not allowed to feel it. He is not allowed to feel the other toys either, so ensure he does not know where the box it. The first person in the circle describes the soft toy to it, but he better hurry because he has to do it before you have time to blindfold him. Do not use sleep masks, use cloths that must be folded, so to take a tea towel, for example, and fold it over your knee and secure the knot over his eyes, he must stop when he is blindfolded and you ask “can you see?”.

Step 4: If he says he can see you must remove the cloth and unfold it and start again, giving him more time to describe the soft toy. If he confirms that he is blind, the next player can give further detail before his eyes are covered.

Step 5: When the last player is blindfolded, put the toy back in the box and mix up the pile. The blindfolded player is then  spun around and guided to the box. He must feel around and find the toy and pull it out when he thinks he found the right one. No one is allowed to talk.

The reason everybody else is blindfolded is so they can’t see which one he has pulled out. Because if he found the wrong one, hr has to describe it If one of the players identifies it as theirs, it has to return it.  They are “it” for round two. If it found the right soft toy the are still it. Everyone but it removes their blindfolds for you to collect.

Just make sure you have a pile with more cloths then players just to ensure you don’t run out of blindfolds. But do not use sleep masks as you need to take the time to fold cloths for this game.  Or use white or thin cloths so you need to spend more time folding them. But ensure you can still fold them so that no one can see through them.


To give the describers a chance make it so you have to run back and forth to your pile of blindfold cloths.

I short hand game is blindfold everyone in a circle give someone a soft toy to describe and te owner has to sing out and then the toy has to be around to the owner with all blindfolds secure. Then give another toy to another player. Add soft toys that no one brought to trick everyone.

adapted from http://www.birthdaypartyideas.com/html/teddy_bear_party_5.html

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